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August 9, 2019 Unexpected Growth Seen in Healthcare Cognitive Systems Market 2023 Apixio, MedWhat, Healthcare X.0, Apple Inc., Saffron Technology, Inc., Nuance Communications, Inc. Read here:

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July 2, 2019 Healthcare Cognitive Computing Market Witness Huge Growth by 2025 | Key Players: MEDWHAT, IBM, CognitiveScale, Microsoft, Nuance Communications, INTEL CORPORATION, PALANTIR TECHNOLOGIES, Apixio, Saffron. Read here:

May 2, 2019 Stanford University and its Trustees sued for tax fraud in Superior Court of California for City of San Francisco. Read here:

February 16, 2019 Cognitive Computing in Healthcare Market Emerging Top Key Vendors- Apixio, MedWhat, Healthcare X.0, Apple, Google, Microsoft, and IBM 2017-2025. Read here:

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January 22, 2019 With StartX now financially ‘self-sustaining,’ University discontinues funding for its startups. Read here:

January 22, 2019 Stanford to end fund that backs StartX accelerator companies. Read here:

January 21, 2019 Big deal: Stanford-StartX Fund reaches the end. Read here:

January 18, 2019 After being sued for fraud, a week later Stanford University’s Stanford-StartX Fund shuts down. Read here:

January 8, 2019 Claims by tech startup of Stanford University misusing its tax-exemption and education mission through venture capital firm Stanford-StartX Fund LLC. and startup accelerator StartX. Read here:

September 28, 2018 Judge rules in favor of MedWhat and Arturo Devesa against Stanford University’s Stanford-StartX Fund. Read here:

September 11, 2018 Lawsuit Against Stanford University’s Endowment Stanford Management Company for Fraud. Read here:

July 18, 2018 MedWhat lays down legal claims. Read here:

July 13, 2018 In Stanford University MedWhat Lawsuit, Startup Claims Fraudulent Use of Convertible Notes by Its Investors to Steal IP. Read here:

June 26, 2018 MedWhat battle heats up with countersuit. Read here:

June 25, 2018 Stanford University, Stanford-StartX Fund sued by MedWhat for fraud. Read here:

June 11, 2018 Stanford University’s Stanford-StartX Fund and Magic Stone Alternative Investment, Plaintiffs in MedWhat Lawsuit, Invested in Competitor Without Disclosing to Defendant MedWhat. Read here:

May 26, 2018 Lawyers of Stanford University’s Stanford-StartX Fund and Caixa Bank’s Caixa Capital Risc against an extension of time granted by Judge. Read here:

May 22, 2018 Plaintiffs in The Stanford University’s Stanford-StartX Fund Lawsuit Against Seek Mediation. Read here:

May 21, 2018 Some Plaintiffs in The Stanford University’s Stanford-StartX Fund Lawsuit Against Inc. Wants Mediation. Read here:

May 18, 2018 MedWhat case mandated for mediation. Read here:

May 15, 2018 The Superior Court of California Asks Stanford-StartX Fund LLC And For Mediation. Read here:

May 11, 2018 Stanford-StartX sues MedWhat. Read here:

May 9, 2018 Stanford University’s Venture Capital Fund, Stanford-StartX Fund, Sues One of Their Portfolio Companies,, Inc.. Read here:

Jan 08, 2018. Healthcare Cognitive Computing Market is Forecasted to Attain Revenue of $13.3 billion by 2024: P&S Market Research. Read here:

May, 2018. European Healthcare Cognitive Computing Market to Cross $4.0 Billion by 2023. Read here:

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May 30, 2016. Medwhat live demo at Microsoft Accelerator’s Machine Learning Demo Day. Read here:

Feb 25, 2016. MedWhat is one of the 32 companies that are already applying machine learning techniques and predictive analytics to reduce drug discovery times, provide virtual assistance to patients, and diagnose ailments by processing medical images, among other things. Read here:

Feb 4, 2016. MedWhat participates in the Seattle Accelerator’s Third Batch. Read here:

Feb 4, 2016. MedWhat is at Microsoft Seattle Accelerator Focus on Data Science & Machine Learning. Read here:

Feb 4, 2016. MedWhat, one of the 10 startups focusing on Machine Learning. Read here:

Feb 4, 2016. MedWhat joins to 9 machine learning and data science startups in Microsoft’s Seattle Accelerator. Read here:

May 15, 2015. MedWhat participates in mHealth Grand Tour as an innovation partner. Read here:

March 6, 2014. Spain’s top startup magazine, the Spanish “TechCrunch”, features MedWhat and talks about our fundraising and plans to build MedWhat also in Spanish. Read here:

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October 2013. MedCityNews follows up on our progress since they first published our first article in this news magazine. Read here:

September 2013. Stanford’s Radio interviews MedWhat founder Arturo Devesa in a lively discussion about startups, StartX, and MedWhat. Hear the interview here:

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September 25, 2013. MobiHealthNews reviews DC to VC and how MedWhat’s plays into the new healthcare trends in the U.S. Read here:

September 18, 2013. The DishDaily makes a summary of StartX’s summer Demo Day and MedWhat. Read here:

September 18, 2013. MichiganDaily’s opinion column speaks about MedWhat and StartX’s new Stanford partnership. Read here:

September 16, 2013. MedWhat is chosen as a finalist to Morgenthaler Ventures’ Health 2.0 DC to VC startup competition and featured on Xconomy. Read the article. 

September 13, 2013. San Francisco newspaper, BizJournal features a video of MedWhat. Read the article. 

August 20, 2013. Spanish newspaper, El Correo writes a piece about Spanish entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley. MedWhat’s founder, Arturo Devesa, was born in Spain and grew up in Florida since the age of 13. Read the article. 

June 26, 2013. South Florida Sunrise covers MedWhat: “[MedWhat CEO Arturo Devesa] met with the Mayor of West Palm Beach, the acting President of Florida Atlantic University, and sat down with CBS 12 news to discuss the MedWhat app.” Read the article.

June 26, 2013. (International) The Spanish “Becarios La Caixa” interviews MedWhat Advisor Mario Lanza, covering Stanford and StartX as well as the technology and purpose behind MedWhat. Read the article.

June 21, 2013. (International) Polish MD Luke Kołtowski writes about MedWhat: “[…] unlike other solutions [..] can recognize the intention of the questioner through semantic analysis of the content of the questions.”; “How to ask questions to the service is extremely intuitive”. Read the article.

June 14, 2013.(Television) CBS12 News features MedWhat and interviews MedWhat’s co-founder and CEO, Arturo Devesa. Watch the segment here. One of the biggest milestones for MedWhat,  our first TV coverage!

June 6, 2013. San Francisco Business Times features StartX, including a picture gallery featuring MedWhat Advisor Mario Lanza. Read the article here.

June 5, 2013. Pulse 2.0 features StartX and the companies that presented on Demo Day in May. Read the article here.

May 31, 2013. TheDishDaily features MedWhat, exploring our technology and our Spanish and Chinese apps. Read the article here.

May 31, 2013. PandoDaily features MedWhat, highlighting the increased emphasis on helping medical startups get off the ground. Read the article here.

May 31, 2013. The Stanford Daily features MedWhat. Read the article here.

May 30, 2013. TechCrunch features MedWhat as part of their StartX Demo Day coverage. Read the article here.

April 20, 2013. MedWhat is featured by Apple on the itunes and iphone app store in the medical category as a new and noteworthy top medical app. This is by far the biggest accomplishment and honor to date for MedWhat.

April 19, 2013. MedWhat is featured on MedCityNews. Click here for the article.

April 5, 2013. (Review) appPicker reviews MedWhat for iPad: “This app is incredibly easy to use and allows you to find answers to all your questions very quickly”. Read the review.

March 11, 2013.  MedWhat is proud to announce it has been accepted to Stanford University’s startup accelerator, StartX. This will allow MedWhat to keep growing and providing our customers with better products and services.

December 1, 2012.  MedWhat is proud to announce it has been accepted to Stanford University’s Motwani Labs startup mentoring program.

August 2, 2012. MedWhat has been invited to present at the Health 2.0 Conference in San Francisco from October 7–10th at the Hilton Hotel. You will see the very latest technologies in Healthcare IT and the future of technology in healthcare.

June 12, 2012. MedWhat presents at the Stanford University AIMS E-Challenge Finale.

January 3, 2012. Medwhat opens office in Palo Alto, California – the heart of Silicon Valley.

April 15, 2011., Inc. wins $30,000 at the Florida Atlantic University 2011 Business Plan Competition. FAU alumnus, Ralph de la Vega, president and chief executive officer of AT&T (NYSE: ATT) Mobility and Consumer Markets, provided the keynote address.

February 1, 2011.’s medical Q&A engine prototype goes live out of the founder’s college apartment.

April 9, 2010., Inc. is incorporated as a business entity.